4 things to avoid when planning your exhibition stand


At some time or the other, most of us have experienced failure when things didn’t go quite the way we planned at exhibitions. Inevitably, unexpected hitches crop up. But there’s nothing that a strong project management team and an effective emergency plan cannot handle. However, tackling these hurdles don’t necessarily have to be reactive. Where certain areas of design and planning are concerned, you can anticipate glitches and act on them to ensure that things run smoothly. These tips will point out the things that can go wrong with your stand so that you can avoid them the next time you have a booth at an expo.

1. When the placement of your booth is poor

Placement is important. If you are stuck in a corner with poor visibility, your booth is doomed to fail. However, even the most prominent spot in the hall can fail if your stand design is not effective. Even if you have the prime spot, if your stand is poorly lit and unexceptional, it is going to fail to attract attendees.

2. Message communication that is not effective

The lack of an effectual message communication is a common drawback where exhibition booths are concerned. Without making use of too much text, it is important to portray your brand professionally. It is wrongly believed that using a lot of text is more effective when advertising your products and services. It has been noticed that communication that is effectual and succinct is helpful if you want to pass on a message to qualified visitors.

3. Giveaways that are unimaginative

Freebies literally flow at exhibitions. And handing out nondescript pens with logos or key chains is a surefire way to lose money. Consider these points before you think of a giving away a freebie.

  • Make it different. All attendees get freebies at most of the stands at the expo. So think of something that will make your freebie stand out.
  • Make it relevant. Select an item that is relevant to your business or product. This will make the link to your product stronger.
  • Decide whether the freebies are an effective marketing tool where your product is concerned. Your money could possibly be better spent in using a different marketing tool to promote your product.

4. Not following up

No matter how successful your stand is, if you don’t follow up on the attendees, all your efforts are in vain. While it is best to call your visitors, you can even email them to find out if they had a good time at your booth, and fix up a meeting.

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