Attitude matters!


If you want your event to be a success, a lot of dedication and commitment are required. Managing the allocated space and making sure that the potential customers and visitors spend enough time at your booth is very hard work. It is easy to make the mistake of focusing only on the people you feel can generate business. This can be a rather short-sighted way of looking at things. And while it is an easy matter to engage customers in your sales pitch, it’s your attitude that matters most.

An approach that is positive and friendly

The success of an exhibition stand is all about possessing the right attitude. Irrespective of who the visitor is, the approach should not only be friendly but positive too. If you are selective about who you should talk to, you will end up looking rude and ill-mannered. You may even discourage potential customers and ultimately damage the name of your brand. Try to treat all the visitors to your booth in the same friendly manner. Make sure all your staff is on the same page as far as behavior is concerned.

Communicate your goals and strategy

What your purpose is regarding your event becomes irrelevant if you do not communicate your goals and your strategy to your team. With everyone in the loop, your team will be working towards the same goal. Take these metrics into consideration; business card, conversation, demos, appointments and details of the visitor. Be on hand at all times to motivate your team and to meet targets. If it is not possible for you to be there all the time, hire a good manager to handle the job.

Avoid pitching

A sales pitch that is very aggressive can sometimes be overwhelming, and the customer will shy away from you. If you persist in this behavior, your booth is sure to be empty. The best thing to do is to allow your stand to be educational. Not about your business in particular but the industry as a whole. It is a good idea to conduct a survey before the event regarding questions that are commonly asked. Establish where it is that people get confused and then make it a point to focus on clearing these misconceptions when you are in the stall. Encourage conversation and debates. A great way of making new relations as far as business is concerned is discussing interests that are mutual. If in doubt, fall back on the conventional core values or the brand story of your business. Use this as inspiration when people ask you about your brand.

When you have a visitor at your booth, maintain eye contact while talking to him/her. Be sure to introduce yourself and ask the visitor where he/she is from. Keep your demeanor engaging and pleasant at all times. Having the correct attitude will make a lot of difference in how people perceive your brand.

Working with an exhibition specialist can help you achieve your business goal effectively. We’re here to help you plan your exhibition better and make it a grand success. At Taylex, we design, create and inspire. We are exhibition and display stand specialists. Our skills are Stand Design, Stand Construction, and Customer Service. Taylex Displays provide turn-key event solutions- we do not manage the whole process; we are the whole process.


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