How TAYLEX built the exhibition stand for Kawasaki at NEC Motorcycle Live


Now in our third year of working with Kawasaki as their event partners, they set me the hardest task so far, Mark Spiller (head of business development at Kawasaki) asked:

"Karl, I want this year's Motorcycle Live exhibition stand to be bigger, better and more unique than anything we have done before."

"Wow!", I said all excited, "What a challenge..." Mark then added "Oh... and you have the same budget to spend as you did two years ago!"

We have great relationships with all our clients, and due to this we were able to offer a complete event package over all events, such as Kawasaki world and the dealer experience days. This exhibition and event partnership also helps us to brainstorm ideas closely with the brand directly and really deliver something that compliments their brand message.

We had recently custom designed and produced in-house one of Kawasaki's largest UK dealer showrooms, the biggest feature being these purpose designed lighting rafts.

This is where we started the thinking towards this year's bespoke exhibition stand design. A few ideas were discussed but nothing seemed to beat the MCL Live 2015 stand design. So at this point the design team realised it needed to be a complete new fresh design concept.

Whilst in a meeting with team Taylex And Kawasaki about another event project. The concept suddenly hit us. It was almost like someone had implanted the idea in our heads at the same time. It was then it was decided to replicate the dealership showroom we had just recently completed.

Exhibition Stand Design for Motorcycle Live at the NEC for 2017

Take a look at our showreel showing how we managed this build.


It was imperative that this stand design had to create more impact than previously, so a six metre tall stand walls were a must.

The outside of the exhibition stand was to be brick with Kawasaki branding displaying four 3D illuminated logos. For the brick wall I did not want to go just for embossed wallpaper so we found a 3D brick hardboard from across the water and had it shipped to the UK.

Taylex designed and built the bespoke lamp posts that went around the outside of the exhibition stand both as a feature and a practical means to light up the bikes that sat in motorcycle parking spaces.

In our original exhibition stand design we had large windows that let the outside public view into the stand space. But it was decided that here we would add two 3mtr x 2mtr led TV seamless screens which linked together.

The 6 entrances into the showroom style bespoke exhibition stand were lit with green led and displayed signage that you would find in all Kawasaki dealers across the country.

Taylex - Kawasaki Main Stand - View 8-1

The internal space within the custom built exhibition stand were zoned into sections which group the various motorcycle models that Kawasaki produce. The main feature in the exhibition space was the 1970's area to promote the launch of the new retro z900. To give this a real retro 70's feel, we specially designed the wallpaper and included memorabilia from this period. Also using repositionable graphics with a lining style emboss really finished off this theme. Plus a 70's arcade machine was a hit with both adults and kids alike. 

To highlight one of the latests Kawasaki model's as another feature within the exhibition stand space, we adapted a turntable and replicated a huge retro 1970's style record player with moving volume and speed slider.

Kawasaki also asked us for inspiration for visitors to win giveaways. So we suggested the idea of incorporating an arcade style prize machine where the visitors had to interact with the game to collect their prize.


What did you like most about this stand?

Seeing the public's reaction to the Kawasaki exhibition stand live experience and even touching the walls to see if it was really was made from brick.

What was you favourite feature?

Most definitely the 2 turntables but most of all the record player.

What do you like about building Exhibitions at the NEC?

It makes it much easier building bespoke exhibition stands, when all the facilities are on site. The new Expo Supplies shop, behind hall 3 is a god send and a credit to the venue too.

What's happening to the exhibition industry in 2018?

The changing pace of technology trends are impacting all exhibition stand designs lately. Clients are requesting augmented reality and other various high technology interactive features in their exhibition stand spaces. The hardest part is trying to make this relevant to each brand and my fear is we will see halls littered for headsets and therefore not a unique feature in the future.

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