How technology can increase footfall to your stand


A fantastic way, in which you can connect with your potential customers and network with the leaders of your industry, is by exhibiting at trade shows. But, it’s not that simple. While putting up a stand is easy, you have to find ways and means to attract footfalls to your stand. With this aim in mind, it is important to have a plan ready so that you are not over-shadowed by the flashy booths at the expo.

Technological solutions work well when it comes to attracting visitors to your stand. Here are some technological ideas to increase traffic to your booth the next time you plan an event.

1. Gigantic smartphones

To allow your attendees to really interact with your product and content, touch screens are the way to go. Rather than stand passively and watch the screen, they can interact on the gigantic smartphones. Of course, you can display your content in umpteen number of ways but a huge smartphone is a novelty few will be able to resist. A surefire way to attract traffic to your booth is touch screen video walls.

2. Intriguing your guests with a video wall

You cannot deny that video walls are eye-catching and attract a lot of attention. This is especially true if you display either multiple images on various panels or a single image across the board. The brilliance of the concept and the sheer size of the video walls make for impressive visuals; much more effective than normal monitors. It also increases your content options. You can consult an event production company for more innovative ideas if it fits your budget.

3. Making use of augmented reality to transform your stand

Recently, AR or augmented reality has become very popular, what with the increasing scope of trade shows. Creating a virtual scavenger hunt for your attendees is a good idea. They can find clues and objects that are hidden in the actual stand using virtual reality. You can even hire a gaming designer for the creation of a Virtual Reality game that is connected to your product or business. There is unlimited potential in AR and it can increase the fun factor of the attendees.

4. Creating event photo ops

By and large, people want to post their pictures online when they are having fun. This is where you come in. create a unique and fun photo opp at your stand so that visitors will want to post the photos they snap. This alone will see visitors streaming into your booth, ready to explore your product and talk to you. A cool-looking social media wall will boost your marketing efforts.

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