Ideas for low budget exhibitions


The exhibition industry is ever-changing. There is a constant urge amongst exhibitors to try new techniques and ideas to showcase their products. As such it is crucial to have the most innovative ideas so that your product stands out from the rest. As an exhibitor, it is important to stand out from the crowd. While an appealing concept is important, the budget for the decoration can sometimes go out of hand. So if you are on a tight budget and want to showcase your products at the next event, here are some ideas you can try.

1. Do it with posters

Posters can be simple affairs or they can be graphic design posters designed by a professional. Depending on your budget, it is easy to liven up space with colorful posters that clearly display the message you want to send across. Be sure to place them strategically for better impact rather than make a mess by clubbing them altogether. The colors on display are sure to increase footfalls to your stand.

2. Go black when it comes to walling

When compared to white walling black is a lot cheaper. Not only that the starkness of black gives a better impact when it comes to displaying your products. See that you give proper illumination. When combined with floor lighting, the black will make your stand look impressive and draw the crowds.

3. It’s all about giveaways with apt messages

To generate publicity and business, freebies is the way to go. However, it does not make any sense to give away something for free. Make sure your logo and brand name are clearly printed on the freebie. You can have giveaways that have some rudiments of interactivity to increase interest in your brand. organizing a competition where the prize is one of your services or products also works well. Your visitors will need bags to carry their freebies in. this is where your marketing comes in. keep bags that are cleverly branded to hand out to the visitors with the freebies. Let the messages get the visitors thinking about your product.

4. Go digital

We live in a world that is digital. So why not incorporate ideas in your stand that have a digital tilt? You can go for lighting displays that are imposing for better effect. Another option which looks clever and yet does not cost a bomb is using technology to allow visitors to download information onto their smartphones. You can even give the opportunity to your visitors to interact with your brand’s website during the exhibition.

5. A lounge for canapés and drinks

Moving from stand to stand in a crowded exhibition hall can be very tiring. If your stand has room, let a small area in the corner act as a lounge. Food is always welcome in such situations. And no you need not serve caviar! Simple snacks such as sandwiches and biscuits with tea or coffee will do wonderfully. This is sure to increase footfalls into your space, once word gets around.

Use whatever means you can to entice the visitors to your stand and make sure your message is clearly visible not only on your display but your freebies and goodie bags too.

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